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Inventory - 2022

Important Shipping Restrictions:  due to ag regulations we now primarily serve the Eastern US.  We no longer ship to CA, OR, WA, AZ, ID, NV, Mt, UT, NM, CO, ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, AK, and HI. Can ship to WY and LA.  We still ship to TX, AR,  MS, AL but to those states plant roots will have to be treated with an insecticide.  We ship to all other eastern states.  Please handle treated roots with gloves and take  caution.  To most eastern states roots will not need to be treated.  If you have questions please let me know.
Most of my plants are $18  each.  Austins are $24,   Delbards are $23.  A few marked as premium varieties  are $23 each .   Shipping  is a flat rate of $13  per box or one to four plants. This increase is due to the Post Office increase.   Quantities are limited..in some cases I have one plant of a variety, sometimes 12 or 15. 
Please email me for orders and info at roses@longagoroses.com
Please let me know the state you live in when placing an order.
                              Important New Info
   If you've placed an order and haven't heard from me please check your spam folder.  Some people report my emails have gone to spam.   If so,  it would help to designate  emails from roses@longagoroses  as nonspam.  

The inventory was updated April 12th.  I'm reserving what Austins I have left for my ebay sales.  See " own root rose plant"  at ebay if interested in those.  Will start selling on ebay by the end of April.  See longagoroses there.  Existing orders can be added to from the inventory but I'm going to delay new orders until later .
We are further restricting states we sell to ; please see red print below.  This is due to agriculture regs. 
     Ordering begins April 1st but these small  plants are usually not ready until sometime in May or June,  sometimes later.  Payment is not due till time to ship.  I set plants aside for you and grow them on till they're ready.  Please see ordering page for further information.  
Small plants that do best potted up and grown on
Lavender Lassie and Alchymist

Serving mostly the Eastern United States
Long Ago Roses