This great older rose bred by David Austin is one of his best and most fragrant , in my opinion.  It is very vigorous and needs plenty of space.  Some people complain that it throws out very long canes, but to me the long canes are just a plus.  I "peg" my plant, or bend the canes sideways when they are young, ;tying them to something like other plants or a stake, or along a fence.  The plant will bloom prodigiously all along the canes from the many laterals.  To encourage rebloom, I cut back the laterals.  Some people  prune the entire plant hard to get it to rebloom but I prune the laterals hard.  If you want to keep the size of the plant that's a good solution.  The fragrance is simply delicious, and the color of the old fashioned blooms is a beautiful strong pink.  It is not immune to blackspot but it is not as bad as some.   The more appealling commercial name of this plant can be looked up at  Bred in 1990, rated as hardy from zone 5.