Most of the time the blooms on this plant are  creamy white with a faint blush of either pink, lavender, or peach on the edges of the petals.  Especially in cooler weather the blooms can be much more colorful.  My plant developed a tendency to be more colorful after a year or two.  It is always beautiful, very remontant,  and a  compact size with it's short shrubby stature of about 3'.  It could be grown in a pot, or at the foreground of taller plants.  There is a light fragrance.  The leaves are dark and glossy, and  have pretty good disease resistance.  It's a harmonious plant with  English and old garden roses.  The name means " Greetings to Achen" , the raiser's home town.  
Bred in 1909 by Geduldig, hardy from zone 4.  
Gruss an Achen